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The Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta (CWAA) is an organization that performs monthly Wiccan rituals, services, and workshops to the public. Monthly rituals are performed by our only temple in Edmonton, Stony Creek Temple (formerly known as Ravenwood Temple).

Wicca is a nature based religion that is focused around working with different gods and goddesses. If you would like to come to our public open rituals, or get involved with our organization, please contact through email cwaalberta@gmail.com, or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWAAStonyCreekTemple/, or leave us a comment in the “Contact Us” section of this website. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Blessed Be!


Time & Location

Stony Creek Temple


We gather on the second Sunday of each month at 6pm (except for August)


Ritchie Community League


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Events and Lending Library


For Events such as Open Circles and Workshops please visit the Events Section on our Facebook Page

           Lending Library

We have a Library with an assorted amount of Wiccan and Pagan books and reading materials. Please contact us either through the "Contact Us" section of this page, email or our Facebook page if you would like to access the material. 


Kayleen Mckie

Priestess and Vice Chair

Keegan Quinton

Priest and Secretary/Scribe

Lauralee Hibbert


Rylan Wood

Summoner and Member at Large

Sage Giroux

Treasurer and Pursewarden


Comments and Feedback

If you have any comments and feedback that can help CWAA improve our open events and our service, please submit here. All comments are kept anonymous.
Thank You

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